Humanity is on the Brink (extended essay)

After some reader feedback, I felt the need to clarify the last post, “Para-Prophetic Memes and the Hyper-Normal Apocalypse Paradox” You’ll find that here, with examples. You’re also going to find commentary on the political state of affairs in this country. So let me start by telling you that I am a skeptic, critical of both sides and I judge candidates by their actions and words, not their party. Moving on…

The classic example of realism v. hyperrealism is from the visual arts. Realism attempts to depict something as it actually appears, a photograph. Hyperrealism is reality enhanced. So, think of your filters on a photo. Normal (and these are my applications of the terms) Normal is people taking pictures of food. Hyper normal is every food pic if Everyone all had cream corn for lunch.

In philosophy, Baudrillard, explains the distinction a little differently. He’s referring to the ontological models we use to make sense of the world. Hyper-Reality is any model that flips the realistic (plausible) with the imaginary or outlandish. He uses the example of Disneyland where the Magic is more real than the model you came in with. I feel like a good example today is Q-Anon. Is DJT really some super secret messiah tasked to bring down the deep state? Fuck no that’s ridiculous; he’s a billionaire and they’re all evil and in it together despite pretenses. That makes Q Hyper-Real in extremis in my mind, but you might feel differently. There’s an inherent subjective aspect to what’s Hyperreality just as there is Reality.

So I said let’s take a step back. Forget about the individual for a second, let’s look at collective behavior, not just models. (I can’t help it, I studied Sociology.)

When we talk about behavior it’s usually framed in terms of Norms (normal) and Deviance (anything that deviates noticeably from the norm). However, if you were to take nearly any population and graph certain behaviors like… IDK, lunchtimes. You’ll find your norm (mean or median usually) and it will make a nice little bell curve around the 12pm mark. Reality is the scattered values where very few people are actually eating right at 12. Normal is the line that shows the trend. Hyper-Normal therefore is when we see absolutely no deviation from from the norm (without risk of being excluded completely from the tribe.) It’s mostly a conceptual state, but examples would be party loyalty either to the far left or right, where questions or alternatives do not happen without ostracization and exclusion (think Cindy McCain standing up to DJT.)

So the argument is that we’re entering a snowball phase of Hyper-Normalization. (How many times do you hear the catch phrase ‘normalize X”?)

So people are retreating into camps and deviate from them less and less as the liminal space between all the different camps becomes *stranger.” In this way, true centrists become the strangest creatures of them all, excluded from power or the ability to establish norms. This is how societies collapse, btw.

Hyper-Normal Myths and the Demise of What Really Matters

What would true absolute freedom be? (Other than the ultimate declaration of lonliness?) Proof of being a specimen of the American Dream of being the biggest asshole on the block? How much did you personally do for that “RIGH” (That’s not a freedom anyways.)

Your “freedom” to be a “rugged individual” is the reason you will die alone in a facility designed to strip you of the last fruits of your labor.

But go on with your “alpha” lone-wolf nonsense. Who are you trying so hard to deceive? Me? Or that frontier spirit that gets you so excited for the meagre portion of your wages that you are allowed to see and immediately spend. It’s so exciting to have some extra $ymbols after all your necessities are arranged. “Spending” is a wonderful RIGHT sn’t it?! .

How much environmental catastrophe and 3rd world devastation will this trip to Wally-World earn? If you are lucky and smart, you might even save enough to be able to afford an all inclusive airstrike on a mideastern village.

So…. Let Freedom Ring! Hail to whichever Chief you’ve decided deserves your slobbering devotion! Your colors don’t run… Unless there’s a sale on flat screens in isle 12.

“Freedom,” as most people know it, is one of two, deadly Egregore that corrupt and polute our inner realms with lies and toxic psycho-hazardous waste. Freedom’s twin demonic oppressor is your “Individuality.”

Now be a good American: Fill Up your. shopping cart. We’ll see eachother again at the Eschaton.

Hyper-Normalization at Work

The Old Ones Spare No Man

In 4 years, nealry 48% of United States Citizens somehow managed to normalize the behavior of a… extremely ABNormal man. But consider a few things…

1. Billionaires are not compassionate or selfless people.

You can’t aquire and choose to keep that kind of wealth unless you are vicious, self serving and willing to do anything, exploit anyone for more money, power and prestige.

2. Looking for a Conspiracy? They’re ALL connected to eachother.

When you’re hosting a party you don’t invite people you have nothing in common with. These people see nothing in common with us rabble. They are dragons and want to socialize, play games with, and show off to other dragons. Even ones they don’t like. Those are the best ones to jab. When you’re arranging a business partnership, you don’t sign with someone who can’t hold up their end of the deal.

The only political party they care about is the next yacht party. The Rest is Pretense.

3. Everyone Who Gets Elected to a National Office Is Dirty.

You CAN NOT run a campaign for and hold a national office without dark money, favors for favors, and greasing a LOT of palms. It doesn’t happen. Even if you’re paying everything yourself (which didn’t happen), you need the right friends to open the right doors for you.

HOWEVER: Don’t take this as me having a side. No. False Dichotomies and polarization are Bullshit. You and I have the real things in common.

My Objection is to people who can’t let go. Those digging into their corners. You are becoming zombies, choosing party over rational thought. Demonizing fellow citizens who care just as much as you do, but just have different ideas. WAKE UP!

Any Time You Hear Someone Bashing Other, Everyday Citizens over Different Views


We are being conditioned to distrust, despise, even hate one another based of talking points on for-profit, party-ran cable news networks. The question is why? Why are we being divided to the degree that armed militias show up to protest masks in a pandemic, hang a governor in effigy, plot to kidnap and murder another governor, and assault the U.S. Capitol calling for the hanging of the Vice President? Why?

This is a psy op and you are the targets. Once you see it as a psy op, it’s not hard to figure out who’s operation it is.

The Memetic Mind Parasite has become the true pandemic. Innoculate yourselves before it’s too late. Reach across the isle. Do something… Centrist.

Only You Can....


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