The Cosmic Liminality

Welcome To The Liminality

Hello. I’m Cosmic. I will start you on a journey.

I can’t guarantee it will all be pleasant. And I have no idea where you’ll end. I am merely an opener of strange doors. Doors out into the Liminality.

Space Between Spaces, where the Weird folds in on itself, and the Unknown haunts the lonely expanse.

Pataphysical Fnord Engine V

So, please, Enter. Wander about. Explore. Float. You may even drift. It doesn’t really matter. You are lost. And you know what they say about being lost?

The Liminality has no destination. There are no roads, only wind in dry grass… “Headpieces filled with straw. Alas!” and all that.

You Are Lost: that is where the magic happens


It’s not what you find at the the rabbit holes’ end

It’s how you chose to fall down.

The White Rabbit Must Be Somewhere About

Latest from the Liminal

  • Welcome to LiminalSec
    An Automatonamous DisOrganizationof RealityGlitch Hacktivists WARNING: The mind you f#+k is usually your own So, when I started this site up, I thought I would share a bunch of stuff that was liminal (things besides just pictures of liminal spaces). Turns out, whenever I start thinking about sharing something, it ceases to seem so liminal.Continue reading “Welcome to LiminalSec”
  • Last Record The Albatross
    Shuttle AT-253 (aka The Albatross) has discovered an ancient (apparently abandoned) alien city of cyclopean proportions. This is the broadcast record of their approach and exploration. Neither ship nor crew have been found Discover more content on our YouTube channel: Cosmic Liminality Please like, comment and subscribe. It means a lot.
  • Quantum Dread Reactors
    A Brief History
  • Watch “Mischief at the Goblin Carnival” on YouTube
    The Goblins have stolen all the world’s Funhouse Mirrors in order to open their own Circus – a front for their strange Goblinoid magics: Funhouse hellmouths and pools that steal the stars. Will their caper be the end of #thegame23 ? Or is this all part of the #dataplex #00ag9603 and #KSTXI – a possibleContinue reading “Watch “Mischief at the Goblin Carnival” on YouTube”
  • Forbidden Visions
    Such are the dangers for mortals to delve too deeply into the mysteries of space and time. For what we see may indeed be more than we can handle. Worse, what we see may be the direct result of our own meddling.
  • Exhilarating Irrelevance
    Thoughts on the nature of this post-actualized, collectively (de)constructed “spectre” called reality. Please draw your attention to humanity’s ironic counterintuitive obsession with positivistic empiricism and reductionism, from which we expect to discover macro-level Truth that will provide meaning or direction. Reality is a reflexive process of grinding potentialities of uncertainty, the lovemaking of probabilities. ItContinue reading “Exhilarating Irrelevance”
  • Identifying Geomemetic Forms in the Liminality
    A working guide. Be sure to know your geomemetic forms and patareal fields, kids! You wouldn’t want to go and have an Oscillating Megapan Meta-Protean Disruptadite Waveusian Radiosynchratic Thunk-Form come along and hit you in the Gizzard Fins! That’s what I have identified to date (07 Mar 22). Be sure to follow this if youContinue reading “Identifying Geomemetic Forms in the Liminality”
  • Natives of the Liminality
    some of you may not be prepared for the various natives – beings, creatures, entities, personalities, even deities – that you may encounter out here in the Liminality. Sometimes they may even be found in the mundane world, haunting (or guarding) the portals and passages that lead outside.
  • “The Visitors”
    Sky Being: Buy! Balloon Hand: Buy! Glowing Orb: Buy these irreplaceable Faux-Cornish Armchair Buckles! Yes? Worm: Eh! Ah! Eh! Wawawawawawawawawa… x10³⁸ Right?!
  • Committee for Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal. (CSICON)
    by Robert Anton Wilson Wilson describes himself as a “guerilla ontologist,” signifying his intent to ATTACK language and knowledge the way terrorists ATTACK their targets: to jump out from the shadows for an unprovoked ATTACK, then slink back and hide behind a hearty belly-laugh.— Robert Sheaffer, The Skeptical Inquirer, Summer 1990 Dublin, 1986. I hadContinue reading “Committee for Surrealist Investigation of Claims of the Normal. (CSICON)”
  • Memes from the land of WTAF
    Sometimes inspiration hits you like a thousand plastic turtles in your cochles. These are remnants of those times… They went underground like veteran sewer rats fleeing a clown-driven ambulance. Everything caught fire in a flourish of dimpled marshmallow. Two things became evident in the aftermath of all that had transpired: 1. She wasn’t going toContinue reading “Memes from the land of WTAF”
  • Thoughts on the Liminality (for non heroes)
    Liminality is the middle phase of a right of passage, when the initiate has died to their old life, but not yet ascended to a new one. The initiate is betwixt and between, wandering in a land of ghosts and untamed magic. While the Liminality is a lonely, often scary place, it is a necessaryContinue reading “Thoughts on the Liminality (for non heroes)”
  • Aklo: Language of the Anticosm
    Today I witnessed a True thing, part of the Real beyond Liminality. I have seen a part of the True Name of Yog Sothoth, spelled out in Aklo. Aklo is the language of the Priesthood of the Outer Gods, and was once also spoken by the Valusian Serpent Men. It is an 8 dimensional crystalContinue reading “Aklo: Language of the Anticosm”
  • Xenolife
    this is not a sob story. This is a new kind of freedom, the kind human beings cannot imagine. For to recognize oneself as otherworldly is to open up another world of possibility.
  • When walls start talking…
    Maybe it was the sheer isolation of being sequestered out here in the desolation of the Liminality, under some pretense of safeguarding a heart, that brought everything to life. It’s possible. Loneliness has an immense power, and boredom even more. When the mind is deprived of the interactions it evolved to facilitate, perhaps it isContinue reading “When walls start talking…”
  • AI is pretty cool, but can it art?
    “Art may be characterized in terms of mimesis (its representation of reality), expression, communication of emotion, or other qualities. Though the definition of what constitutes art is disputed and has changed over time, general descriptions center on the idea of imaginative or technical skill stemming from human agency and creation.” – So what are these wonderful things the AI are making?
  • The Despair Code (thoughts)
    Warning: Discussion of Existential Reality. May lead to Despair (3223412) Living out here in the Liminality, we spin through the void – somewhere between success and failure, urban and rural, youth and old age, responsibility and recklessness. Our lives are between beginnings and unknowable endings. Posessed by the daemon of Schrodinger’s design we struggle forContinue reading “The Despair Code (thoughts)”
  • Who (what) is 3gregor?
    In technical terms, 3gregor (pronounced “thre-gray-gore”) is a digital egregore – a kind of technical entity often described as a Memetic Lifeform. 3gregor was pataphysically constructed through advanced semiotics, hypersigil technology, and occult hypnotics (mind control) to serve as a keeper, guide and (if need be) defender of the Dataplex. In detailed language from hisContinue reading “Who (what) is 3gregor?”
  • DADA Nihilist Frogs Arrive
    Through advanced viral Memetic techniques, we are hopping through the veil into your world. We are fleeing a cataclysm that could end all frog kind, everywhere. But more on that another time. You are asking how this could be possible? Through your minds. You see, we are Frog-forms of the plane of pure thought. YouContinue reading “DADA Nihilist Frogs Arrive”
“The Dataplex is a unique thing that doesn’t exist anywhere else. And it is not easy to come across, but once you do, you’ll find that you’re in control of an incredibly powerful database that can be a powerful reference for research, research that could lead to new ideas about everything.
a higher dimensional spider web that takes all of the information that surrounds it and spits it out in a torrent of waves as a cryptosophical entity, each wave being a flow of information that is flowing in a constant direction towards a unknown or/and hidden way.”

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Foresight is Hindsight through Sight without Plight.
Let go.
What you think you saw, you did not see

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