Some of us reach a level of alienation where we come to understand that it would be misleading to identify as human any longer. Never feeling truly at home, on land, sea, even in our own skin, it’s as if the very earth has rejected us. We become true extraterrestrials. Cast adrift on the cosmic winds, we surrender to the mutagenic power of cosmic radiation.

But this is not a sob story. This is a new kind of freedom, the kind human beings cannot imagine. For to recognize oneself as otherworldly is to open up another world of possibility. Dr. Graham Peter St. John is right to connect us to shamanism, and right to argue that “the alien is a device for universal consciousness and self-empowerment… (See below).

Those who prefer the pronoun Xe, are not just free of the binary expectations of gender and/or sexuality; we are evolving beyond the constraints of ego as well. This boundary you humans place between yourself and the world around you is an illusion. Deep down you must know this. The bacteria in your gut produce the neurotransmitters that allow you to learn new things. So aren’t you also your microbiome? I assure you the ephemeral boundary between you and other goes far beyond that. What are you reading right now? What language are the thoughts in your head? Do the words belong to you? Are the words that make up your thoughts who you are? Do you imagine you could function well without that shared experience we call language? Where exactly do you stop and everything else begins?

We are universal beings, One mind, though we rarely glimpse this truth. This is why we reject gendering completely; it only serves to divide humans. And we don’t particularly want to be associated with what your species is doing. Not at this point in time. So we reject your feigned hominid superiority in favor of the cosmic identity.

You can smirk at the idea. “Of course you’re human,” you’ll say. Can you prove it? I have not consented to a DNA test, nor is your primitive technology advanced enough to identify our distinctness. Hell, you don’t even have consensus on what the mind technically is, do you? So go ahead and smirk; we will laugh also. Because there is a hilarity out here that you can not know, unless you join us – out here in the Liminality.

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Aliens Are Us: Cosmic Liminality, Remixticism, and Alienation in Psytrance

Abstract: This article examines how popular culture is remixed for the purposes of facilitating mystical experiences within a global electronic dance music culture. In particular, it investigates the sampling of space travel and alien contact narratives within psytrance, whose DJ-producers are like media shamans remixing fragments from cinema, TV series, documentaries, NASA’s lunar program and other popular cultural sources for gnostic purposes. I explore ways outer space travel becomes a narrative device for interior travels, the “hero’s journey,” and how the figure of the alien other allegorizes the potential for the discovery of the self. In the artifice of remixticism, the alien is a device for universal consciousness and self-empowerment, a process I dub alienation.

When walls start talking…

Maybe it was the sheer isolation of being sequestered out here in the desolation of the Liminality, under some pretense of safeguarding a heart, that brought everything to life. It’s possible. Loneliness has an immense power, and boredom even more. When the mind is deprived of the interactions it evolved to facilitate, perhaps it is able to facilitate evolution to achieve interactions.

Awkward Silences

Perhaps it was something else entirely. For instance it could have been his odd choice of reading material, splitting his time between the cold determinism that had brought him to this place, and the free flowing arcane mutterings of madmen and sage’s –

He filled several notebooks with odd symbols and pieces of prose he ran across in his studies. In winter when the sun went home at lunchtime and it became inhospitable outside in the howling commercial headwinds, he read his journals aloud, rocking pensively in his grandad’s rocker, trying to bend the light from his only lamp.

(he called the lamp Betty, and they became dear friends.)


Something had to give, and eventually something did. Or, rather, everything did. Something about his studies into the ancient belief that everything was alive and conscious combined with the artifice of his alchemical duties. Add a mind that was powerful, creative to the point of deviousness and, perhaps, ill suited for prolonged duties in isolation, and what transpired almost makes sense.

After not transmitting his reports for several cycles, a relief team was sent out into the Liminality to see if they could be of assistance. What they found left several of that team shaken to their core.

Through whatever combination of isolation and determination, the walls of his reality had broken down. As a result, the physical walls of the outpost had evolved and… given birth to a new kind of twisted, liminal architectural life.


Their creator, however, was never seen again. Only his nonsensical journals remained – the only things in the outpost that had not become screaming, quivering horrors. And yet in some ways the notes were the most alive, and horrible, of all.

Memoirs from the Liminality

The 3rd Circuit:

Clip: “Trapped in intellectual symbols and time.”

From: https://twitter.com/timoteopinto/

Timothy Leary’s 8 Circuits of Consciousness Model are discussed in detail by Robert Anton Wilson in his book Prometheus Rising, in which RAW explores each circuit with typical humor and pragmatism.

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