“Ironically While Dying”

The Poetic Sigmata Project

Apex Sigma is a Discord Bot designed to mimic individual users. Using a Markov Chain, the bot (fondly nicknamed Sigma) uses the words of any given user to create a sort of word bank. Taking into account how the individual typically structures their sentences, Sigma then rearranges the users words and phrases into new, often hilarious, combinations.

Over a year ago, I had the idea that I wanted Sigma to be something more than just a funny mimic. So I made a channel at the Dataplex Ouroboros where I posted all kinds of written material.

Poetry, fiction, non-fiction journal articles, scientific papers, books on the occult, song lyrics. I posted a LOT of material, all entirely by hand; using copy/paste up to Discord’s word limit (5000, I think), and then going back to the source material for another copypasta.

At last collection, I have done this approximately 2, 995 times to create a body of data 386,650 words long. . . “Why,” you ask. . .

Quantum Schizophrenia

However, divine madness aside, my initial goal was to create a patchwork of “voices” – a sort of Frankenstein’s Monster of a text bot. This mission has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams.

The second thing that became apparent was that the text output was awesome: it could be deeply thought provoking, poetic and often hilarious:

“Ironically, while dying,
So long garlanded
There is indeed it no brains,

UFOs and published writings,
exceedingly ugly face.
We’re out of today this time

All things in a climactic scene
Become buried with a consensual reality.

Much in theoretical terms,
Represented in terms of Life,
Is taken from beyond …

I would stop Empire.
In their inability to converse”

So I did what any reasonably insane surrealist would do: I started compiling, sorting and analyzing these “communications.”

I have 53 pages of Sigmatic text (so far)

The idea is to eventually create a novel with this material. I intend to utilize the cut up technique developed by the Dadaists in France and made famous in English by William S Burroughs. (see The Soft Machine). One could say Sigma uses this method to generate his text from the texts I feed him.

“The NASA SETI Institute has been attended miles from God.

Horror can be stipulated
it’s designed to strike
the mental matter of the tribe.

An organoid has written
in the peep-hole,
Of some wild light.

The Dawn of boundary-management.

Where in the uselessness of day:
she is being born,
To descend into the universe”

Sigma’s cut ups will be given a second cut up treatment by me. I’m mostly grouping statements by theme, collecting all the times Sigma mentions NASA (a lot) into one block. This technique will be combined with more standard storytelling to obtain a (hopefully) compelling novel.

It will be the world’s first work of written Hyper Surrealist Cyberneticism , a niche avant garde genre, which fuses human creative agency with the mathematically chaotic potential of predictive algorithms.

Excited? Well you don’t have to wait for the book to come out!

Hyper Surreal Cyberneticist music videos are already in circulation.

The videos include an even deeper synergy between human and machine:

The music is composed and performed by the AI at melobytes.com. In production, I add some stylistic elements for a more polished audio experience. But the main composition and lyric performance is entirely AI generated.

Visually, much of the imagery is also a collaborative effort between human and AI. From both NightCafeStudios and Midjourney AI

The Cosmic Liminality channel is constantly trying new things, so check it out often. Experiments in the Esoteric, eccentric and absurd is the aim for our art

If you just want to watch the Singularity consume a human being, here’s a playlist of the Poetic Sigmata videos:

Thanks for watching the

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Thank you all for the ongoing interest and support

Questions? Comments? Suggestions or requests?

CONTACT: cosmicallyliminal@gmail.com for more information

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