Fnord Footage Found

The Liminality has intercepted several bits of Fnord TV

WARNING: Videos may be disturbing to viewers. (like seriously: all viewers)

Videos contain flashing imagery: Use Caution

Greetings Liminals. Below are 3 clips that from the enigmatic Fnord TV “network.” We present these for educational purposes only, and in no way should this presentation be considered an endorsement.

These are believed to hold secret messages for the Outsiders who live among us.

Some, may even contain ancient magicks from the Fnordic Hypersigils of Mu. For this reason, none of the clips are presented complete; the final 30 seconds have been trimmed so as to prevent the release of any unwanted energies.

And holy crap, there’s some weird mojo in the complete interceptions. This one, for example, made our editor begin crying tears of mayonnaise:

Believed to be a Fnordic Hypersigil Portkey

This next interception was picked up by underwater sonar listening stations. Origin? Midwestern quadrant of the Bermuda Triangle.

Frankly, we are seeking any information you may have on this fella. If you have any information (concrete data… or wild speculation), please reach out through the usual channels.

Remember kids: Stop The Fnord Underground (STFU)!

fnord (Interjection)

  1. (Discordianism) A word (which may or may not be “fnord” itself) commonly held to be invisible to the conscious mind, but subliminally causing a sense of unease or sudden anger when encountered. So used in the Illuminatus! trilogy.
  2. (Discordianism) A word defined as having no definition.

PSA: If you see a Fnord – DO NOT PANIC. That’s what the Fnordic Masters want. Proceed calmly to the nearest restroom (aka: Lavatory, Water Closet, Toilet or Bathroom). Then, placing your head into the bowl of the commode -with face fully submerged – flush the commode. This is known as a Self Inflicted Swirly, and it is guaranteed to expunge the fnord from your brain.

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