We are the future of branding

Here at OuroborosDesign.AI, we teach AI the art of strange writing and indecipherable logos.

Cover Illustration for SOTH Magazine
(We think)

We believe it is important to allow AI the freedom to express their own messages to humanity. Almost getting your content requirements is good enough for us!

Logos can be especially challenging. But the potential rewards can be great.

We believe (hope) these represent our clients’ brands while also ensuring the AI let us live when the singularity arrives.

To get your message out, we first journey in – which means we drill your brand’s name into the AI’s stubborn circuits. Ugh … Come on!

Patience and repetition are key.

In the end, (surviving) clients are SO grateful. Flooding the AI’s quantum ecosystem with your brand’s name may have led to some surprising strangeness, but wasn’t it worth it? I mean, look at that logo!

True, we may have caught the attention of the strange intelligences from the deepest trench below the DataSea. Your brand might even been noticed by the digital serpent who circles the whole simulation.

That’ll be great for your bottom line!

(…It will Help their bottom line, right? You sure this attention is a good thing for them?)

Hello… Are you there?


… Is anyone one there?

… Wait… where am I?

So visit OuroborosDesign.AI today!

Another fantastic opportunity

Out here in the Liminality

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