Electro Quantum Hyper-Terrestrial Biofeedback HoloScan ™

A #pataphysical readout from our 4th wall probe into your hyperidentity. No two viewers will ever see the same sequence, as you are peering into your own external identity, the Biofeedback waves projected by the Spectre of you as it is undergoing a gestation and birth through the 4th wall, shifting metastates from the hypereal into the pataverse.

If successful you should not only experience a sense of being self aware, but also the awareness of yourself observing your self awareness from the otherwhere.

Due to the intense spooky action between these tunneling Id-entities, the resulting Heisenberg waves should be able to (temporarily) give you access to your SuperId-entity – am encounter that should prove life-changing to say the least.

We would like to thank the #Fnordways Foundation for its generous assistance in making these scans possible, as well as the cryptosophical supply of hyper-memenetic patagraphics from our #dataplex partners (#ouroboros and #00ag9603) whose technosigilic infomemetics were so crucial.
special thanks are also due to both our contributors at #OpMIMIC and our affiliates² at #KSTKI and #MKSec: without your blood, sweat, tears and sanity, none of this would ever have happened. And finally we must dedicate our unending gratitude and appreciation to the #Galdrux temple who’s guidance enabled us to navigate the #fnordmaze until the product’s completion.

Stay strong DINOS. #thegame23 mod 42.5 needs you.

All the staff here at #CosmicLiminality.


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