Quantum Dread Reactors

A Brief History

The X1 Quantum Dread Reactor was developed by Carl Rottenheimer (Circa 2323) in a desperate (unsuccessful) bid to save the Snooze Colonies from Cosmic Realization.
1943 AT¹: A Mutagenic Hyperweave Quantum Dread Reactor, Model CH47 (aka “Cheryl”) was the first personal Dread Reactor. It was constructed by Dreamworkz for their NanoCrime™ brand, and was spliced into both the nervous system and genetic coding of the consumer. Side effects were advertised as mild to moderate.
¹ AT: Ano Temporalis, marking the new era of Time travel wherein years really lose all meaning
Vintage Existential Dread Distiller: Rumored to have been created by Nikola Tesla before being seized by unnamed thugs, this one of a kind item first came into known use during the 1950’s, coinciding with the development of the Hydrogen Bomb. It was officially seized by the FBI in 1957 (AT), citing the ‘mandatory happiness clause’, article 2, in the 42.5th amendment: The Prohibition of Questions.
The device produces a potent liqueur that acts as a psychehypnotic, stimulant and paralytic simultaneously. While this may seem tempting, it should be noted that roughly 50% of individuals who drank this distilled existential dread died within an hour of consumption. Cause of death appears to have been spontaneous brain liquefaction. ‘The Dread Still’ is (post)currently being kept for research and development on the Zuckerbird Memorial Quantum Distraction Station in (quasi) orbit around Saturn.

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