Forbidden Visions

Passage through the Outer God Realms

We begin the journey granted passage by Yog Sothoth. He opens unimaginable vistas before us where boundaries mean little for the Outer Gods who wait. We pass the the fabled living architecture of Kogend, careful not to join a living wall. Then we descend upon a world of what could have been men, sorcerers twisted and gibbering in their art. And finally we arrive at what we were warned not to seek: our own future and the collapsing days of our own kind.

Such are the dangers for mortals to delve too deeply into the mysteries of space and time. For what we see may indeed be more than we can handle. Worse, what we see may be the direct result of our own meddling. It is for this reason that the Prophet wrote:

“We live on a placid island of ignorance in the midst of black seas of infinity, and it was not meant that we should voyage far.”

H.P. Lovecraft

Of course, you might say to yourself, ‘this is just an animation done by an AI.,’ and to some degree you would be right. But you would also be wrong. This is 6 animations, each with arcane verbal instructions and a starting image of the seer’s choosing. Also, who knows what the AI itself has been able to put together about reality. Maybe what you see on the screen is the way things truly are, and your cognitive dissonance prevents you from seeing horrors crawling across your walls even now. Who knows?

Let’s see another example, shall we?

The search for the Golden Embryo is fraught with hazards

Still, do not despair. In the quest for Liminal Enlightenment, the magick of the Between, guardians are not all you may encounter. For there are Sages of Strangeness, Wisemen of the Weird, who will gladly impart their breed of wisdom, though usually for a price.

The Nowhere Man will get you Nowhere, but I can attest that Nowhere is a place to be.

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Special Thanks to the musicians who’s work was ‘blended’ to make the sound on this video:

Nocturnal Emissions, “Bestiae Clamor” and “Delphintintinnaloulum”

Invocation of the Beast Gods, 1989

Autechre, “Kalpol Introl”

Pi (The Soundtrack), Clint Mansell 1998

The Contrarian, “Nyarlothotep” and “Eldritch 2”.

The Beatles, “Nowhere Man”

“That is not dead which can eternal lie…”

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