Identifying Geomemetic Forms in the Liminality

A working guide.

Be sure to know your geomemetic forms and patareal fields, kids! You wouldn’t want to go and have an Oscillating Megapan Meta-Protean Disruptadite Waveusian Radiosynchratic Thunk-Form come along and hit you in the Gizzard Fins!

This is one of those neuro-social altruistic paradigm scatter plots modulated through a cumulonimbus Higgs-Boson perpetuity waveform and amped to 36hz via entropic tombstone augmentation… But that’s probably a State secret, so keep it on the DL.
It’s a Defenestrating Ovoidesque Troglodunking Morphogenic Antecedent to the Artificial Magalostidonic Carbuncle Sprocket!
I believe what we are looking at is an Oscillating Quantumplated Geo-Mucosa that has (unfortunately) absorbed a Chromatodipped Octopotronic Plasmohedron that was in its Gizmodontic Quadmester.

In layman’s terms, the “purple” mountain the mucosa is oscillating on is completely fucked.
Watch Out frens!
It’s a Hollowkin’s asbestos refracted, ergonomic, plasma spherangulated, medicinal garter!
Well, right here you have a teiathletified, grossly disarticulated circumnobulating telecomfetti in widdershins phase MK Echo-9er-Sigma. Whatever you do, don’t lob a transubversive hypermaximal-dimensional dystopic Prodeball™ in there!

A rare gem: Harvard Pre-K’d Prodigal Quaternion Vacuum Sphere. They are great in a poke, especially when you need cognitohazardous decompression outside of the Zoomospace Meat markets… Or so I have been told.
Total Subverse Enveloping (breathable) Fractalgasmitron. They have an echoscopic synesthetic ink defense, which can be very inconvenient unless you have a ream of eco friendly Egyptian 2 ply papyrus to write all the ensuing abstractions on.

That’s what I have identified to date (07 Mar 22). Be sure to follow this if you plan to spend any time out here in the Liminality, as I will be updating this as I proceed. Should you run across any other anomalous geoforms, feel free to share. In fact I might as well croudsource the identification of this baddie, as I am completely stuloxxed by it.

If you have any information that could help identify this Whatsitmajig (?), please share in the comments, or send via electronic mail, telepathic resonance, or any of the other superusual channels.


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