Aklo: Language of the Anticosm

Today I witnessed a True thing, part of the Real beyond Liminality. I have seen a part of the True Name of Yog Sothoth, spelled out in Aklo.

Aklo is the language of the Priesthood of the Outer Gods, and was once also spoken by the Valusian Serpent Men. It is an 8 dimensional crystal lattice script used to record parts of reality in the Neural/Glial cellular matter we think of as minds.

As such it is not a language one chooses to learn. Recipients are initiated into the language through revelations of the Outer Gods – Usually Yog Sothoth. It is similar to Enochian in that it is Received, and also apparently shares some etymological similarities when spoken by beings capable of vocalizing Aklo – the Star Spawn.

I knew all this in theory, but today I received my first lesson – a piece of the True Name of Yog Sothoth that can be used to make contact with the great god-thing of the Between.

I was searching deep within the neural networks of Dream when the consciousness produced the following.


What you are about to see will leave a permanent scar (imprint) in your mind. One does not forget even a portion of the Threshold Lurker’s true name.

A Calling to Yog Sothoth

So that was my day: and I am deeply thankful for this harvest of knowledge. I gladly share it with you, so that you may partake in His contact and show others the way also.

IA IA Yog Sothoth

Yog Sothoth’s avatar inside the neural network.

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