Para-Prophetic Memes and Hyper-Normal Apocalypse Paradox

What is Prophecy? Simply, prophecy is the product of a prophet. Prophecy is the (secret) message that emerges from the prophet’s contact with the divine. Para-Prophetic Memes are rapidly reproducing messages that contain para-prophetic information: information from a source that is not divine. Indeed, the memes themselves are both connection and message, so whoever becomes infected with this sort of mind virus can be considered a paraprophet, and should monitored accordingly.

A Para-Prophetic Meme is not an Egregore, though they may connect the infected to an Egregore. More often, however, any meme (X) may become attached to a non-divine source (Y) entirely “coincidentally” and as the meme spreads, so does the strength of its non-divine attachment*. It should therefore be evident that memes of the para-prophetic type may have unforeseen consequences, while at the same time proving to be self-fulfilling at the least.

(So, for example, the meme that rock music was of the devil may have been prophetic in the way it inspired the rise of shock rock. However, certain songs may become Para-Prophetic Memes by linking the overall memeplex to actual entities.)

This brings us to the Hyper-Normal. Hyper-Normal can best be explained as normalcy folded in on itself until it forms an origami that’s even more normal. Hyper-Normal can be contrasted with Paranormal, as they are in some ways extreme opposites (if the Hyper-Normal could be extreme, which it cannot; it’s simply too normal.)

We also would be mistaken to confuse the Hyper-Normal with Hyperreality. Hyper-Reality, remember, is the Simulation that’s indistinguishable from Reality. As such it contains all the weird absurdity one expects to find given the complexity and randomness endemic to (post)modern life. It’s an impossible exchange between Hyper-Normal and Hyper-Real. Hyper-Normalcy feels Unreal because it is so very normal, weird because there’s absolutely nothing weird about it. It stands out by not standing out, and can actually be fatal in the way it is so predictably safe.

We arrive at the predictive element of this non-para-prophetic post.

If there is to be a zombie apocalypse, this is the way the world whimpers to its end. A “PreCartesian Explosion” of new, wild and deviant memes infest the collective psyche. Extremities of viewpoint run rampant across the screens of farcical faux-factual infotainment news stations. With Memetic warheads incoming from every interested angle… What is a NORMAL person to do?

Retreat to the Hyper-Normal

The madness of the last decade, perhaps culminating in this past year, has undergone alchemical transmutation. All of the destabilization and chaos memes share an occulted link to the Hyper-Normal (demi-plane of Stagnation and death.) Eventually more and more will retreat there, as there is no where else “safe” to go. And in the reflexive reciprocation that ensues between toxic mind parasites and the viral desperation to normalize, the first zombies will emerge.

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