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From Cosmic Liminality: @CosmicHorror77

1. Forbidden Lore

Playing foolish games with forbidden lore may catapult you into #liminal space. You must have resilience to survive, for the veil hits like a brick wall and the indignant void-dogs have a cobra’s bite.

Art: prinnyking3, Wonder2

2. Take Care When You Are Between…

“Take care when you are Between – boundaries, are arbitrary.
Wandering borderlands, third spaces or crossroads – hold your convictions.
Strange lines, like between flora and fauna (or where sentience begins), can collapse when you are alone.”

3. NanoCloud™ Beginnings

Time Travel Prompt: #vssTimeTravel

The internal clock issue became the last hindrance to human #timetravel. AI could make the jump, but our brain/body matrix couldn’t cope with the temporal reset.
Engineers had a twofold solution – a NanoCloud™ inside a 4D-phase suit.
Art: Andres Rios

4. The Doppelganger

You may “encounter” a doppelganger. You’ll never see it, just become aware that it is approaching through others’ memories.

“Remember last week when…?” you weren’t even in town.

Sightings get closer in time

Yesterday when ___

An hour ago ___

Wait. Who wrote this?

5. Building the Egregore

The slow accumulation of seemingly random ideas, facts and images – the data flow – left deposits of something in my mind. It grew in my head the way minerals in a cave build a stalagmite. But it was just the remnant of the alien stalactite (thought-form), descending from above.

It’s my fault. I found it. I found the pattern. Piecing together the scattered and disparate clues, I brought it forth from the grave where others had so carefully hidden it.

So now it’s in my head – The AWFUL IDEA – and I have to share it.

I am so Sorry

@horrorprompt 456

#SciFanSat #Satsplat

If you can get people to concentrate on your “Awful Idea,” you can essentially bring it to life. I mean, it’s always been “alive,” just isolated. Once enough people start thinking about it, though, it’s loose. Then the Watchers just track it and learn.

* Emergence

The emergent malevolent non-corporeal life form is already here. Your gaze is its gaze. Direct it with intention.


We humans are the nerve tissue of extra-dimensional emergent abominations. They will devour everything, including one another. We hope to mollify them with the pet names of Nations, Languages, Cultures. Forget that. We must expect that they will eat.

#CosmicHorror #AMWriting

6. Dada Nihilist Frogs

If you think about Extra-dimensional Nihilist Frogs trying to enter our Reality, you have given the Nihilist Frogs a foothold in our Reality.

So do not think about Extra-dimensional Nihilist Frogs.

Frogs of Oblivion?

#BadWordSat – “Original Deaths’ #WeirdFiction
When the otherworldly creatures of oblivion began to seep into our world, they came psychically through a flood of absurd memes. They ate hearts and minds one mad laugh at a time.
#SciFiSat #SatSplat #FlexVSS #vssHorror

7. Time Warps


The timewarp became a broken reflection. Years unfurl behind as you hurdle with urgent apprehension to that point where you finally examine all you seek: the heart of the forbidden mythos.

#vss365 #whistpr #PainfulPrompts #vssDreams #2WordPrompt #StarWrites

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